Sex And The City movie 2? We haven’t been this excited since, well, Sex And The City movie 1!
After months of rumours, HBO has confirmed that a sequel to the Sex and the City movie is in the early stages of development.

Michael Lombardo, president of HBO’s programming group, told a group of reporters “We’re really heartened by the fans’ enthusiasm. Absolutely, there is a lot of energy behind doing another SATC movie.”

A source then confirmed that Warner Bros. has begun discussions on a sequel, adding that the studio is hoping to fast-track the project. However, no deal is in place and there isn’t a script yet. In fact, the lead actresses involved are taking a cautious attitude towards another film, not wanting to rush a potentially disappointing sequel.

Having said that, after infamously holding up the first movie, there are already rumours flying around that Kim Cattrall may be doing the same thing again.

No one has checked to see if Kim Cattrall is available or interested in a sequel,” a source tells OK!. “Kim is a smart woman and knows the part she has played in the success of the film. If they want to make a sequel, it’s foolish to think they can secure her for the same salary.

While many stars expect a pay increase with a hit movie’s sequel, the source says, “For Kim to be paid what she’s worth would mean Sarah [Jessica Parker] admitting how important Kim is to the movie’s success, and there is more chance of Carrie Bradshaw moving to Queens than of that happening!

Meanwhile, Kim, 51, admitted on The Early Show, “I have a sneaky suspicion if the fans turn out and the movie does well, that we will be back, and I couldn’t be more thrilled. (Ok! Magazine)

It may by a hit, it may be a Grease 2, either way we couldn’t be more excited. Woot.



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