It’s all kicking off in the BB house…

We’re so glad that Big Brother are finally stirring it up! They’ve only gone and put Noirin’s ex in the house. Isaac has entered the house only a few hours ago, and already it seems to be causing a few problems. We’ve been watching the BB Twitter page religiously, and apparently Siavash has talked about leaving! Thank god for his friends in the house, otherwise he would be out that door. Although according to the Twitter page, Isaac seems to be accepting the situation!

With both Marcus and Noirin up for eviction this week, it should make for interesting TV. Will Noirin get booted out and leave Marcus, Isaac and Siavash to talk about their mutual love for the lass? Or will Marcus go and leave Noirin in the most awkward position ever? Either way we can’t wait to see how this unfolds!


Post Author: Nat Lief