X-Factor Christmas number one debate!

Joe McElderry comes out of The X Factor house to greet fans and photographers who had been waiting in the rainThe typical yearly ‘tradition’ that the X-Factor winners song is the Christmas number one may have a slight change this year!

Joe McElderry’s single ‘The Climb‘, a cover of the Miley Cyrus song is the bookies favourite to hit the number one slot and Amazon is selling the single for a bargain of 29p!

But this might be the very reason the single is not a number one hit, on the official singles chart this Christmas.

According to many on a variety of forums and websites, the downloading ‘rules’ for a purchase to be bought and counted in the single sales, it has to be at least 40p, therefore making the sales from the single bought on Amazon not counting towards his chart position.

In small print in the ‘rules‘ it states;

Digital Minimum Dealer Price £0.40p : Only tracks with a minimum PPD of 40 pence or more shall be eligible for the Official Singles Chart. In the event that a record company has an alternative business model
for the sale of downloads (i.e., one not based on a published dealer price), the price charged to the online digital retailer should not be less than 32 pence per track. OCC will monitor sales to ensure they are
‘genuine sales’. Where OCC judges sales not to be genuine, they may be excluded from the chart at OCC’s absolute discretion.

So according to this, the Amazon sales may not count!

Yet another confusion to add to the mix is that on Joe’s official website the places given to download the single includes the website Amazon!

Also, there is the online campaign as we mentioned before for Rage Against The Machine to be Christmas number one instead!

I guess we will just have to wait and see if anything is said on this matter or until Christmas day to see if Joe can top the charts and follow the traditional X-Factor set-up.

Only time will tell!

Post Author: Claire White