Tom Fletcher: The future for McFly is about to change

Martini World Premiere Party: The Boat That Rocked - ArrivalsWe’re all excited for McFly’s next release, even more so because the details are few and far between. Well today Tom has mentioned it again…

When you’re stuck in traffic it gives you time to think, and that’s exactly what McFly’s Tom Fletcher did today.

Sitting in the jam, Tom thought about the band, the last album, the next album… and then shared his thoughts with his 195,000+ army of Twitter followers.

“I know it’s been almost 2 years since [Radio:Active] but it’s going to be worth the wait!”

Before adding in a somewhat cheesy fashion: “Over the next few months you’ll find out what we’ve been preparing for you. The future for Mcfly is about to change… and Mcfly are about to change the future.”

Post Author: Frankie Genchi

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