Frankie Sandford thinks spilt from Dougie Poynter did them good

Frankie Sandford and boyfriend Dougie Poynter leave Una Healy's birthday partyThe Saturdays’ Frankie Sandford thinks that her temporary split from McFly boy Dougie Poynter had a positive effect on their relationship.

The pair broke up earlier this year, after dating for a year, and then recently reunited.

Frankie moved out of the home she shared with Dougie, and admits that she found it hard.

‘[It was] really tough,’ she explains.

‘In the first few weeks you think you will be OK, and you think about dating other people but then it gets to a point when you really miss them.’

‘We got to a point where we needed time apart,’ she says.

‘It was all getting a bit much and we decided to take a break. To be honest, that time apart has done us the world of good. We needed it.’

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