blink-182 fans are outraged at Jedward cover

John and Edward Grimes, best known for being on The X Factor, display their animated personalities after attending the premiere of Sex and the City 2 in Londonblink-182 fans are outraged that X Factor twins John and Edward Grimes are releasing All The Small Things as their next single.

When John and Edward made it through to the X Factor live shows the world was divided into two groups – those who thought they were good, and those who thought they were shit.

Well now there are mixed emotions again. Jedward fans seem delighted that the twins are covering blink-182’s hit track All The Small Things, but blink fans aren’t quite as pleased.

Some fans have even started Facebook campaigns to get the original version in the charts – just like the successful Rage Against The Machine campaign to get the metal band a Christmas number one, instead of X Factor winner Joe McElderry.

The single is due to be released next month.

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