Breaking Dawn director: Edward Cullen is more like Robert Pattinson now

Robert Pattinson.2010 Los Angeles Film Festival - Eclipse Premiere.Nokia Theatre L.A. Live.Hollywood, CA.June 24, 2010.2010 Hutchins Photo.... Photo via Newscom

Bill Condon, who is directing Breaking Dawn, thinks that Robert Pattinson and Edward Cullen are far more alike in the final chapter of the saga.

The Los Angeles Times spoke with director Bill Condon who said: “Now [Rob’s] dealing with a character who’s like him. The final movie allows us to step behind the curtain of what it’s like to be a vampire. It doesn’t seem that exotic anymore; It’s trying to be more real.”

Bill also spoke about filming the honeymoon scene, and how close the cast became.

“It was incredible. We got caught in the middle of this huge rainstorm — I’ll remember it forever,” Bill said. “Eighty people sleeping on the floor of the set. We couldn’t leave.”

“It’s really about the passage from adolescence to adulthood, and they all seem energized by that. It’s the stuff they are all connecting to in their lives.” he also said.


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