Emma Watson: “I am a little bit boring”

Emma Watson says she is boring when it comes to her look.

“My problem is that I am a little bit boring. I don’t wear designer bags or big sunglasses,” she said.

“When I don’t have to play Emma Watson in public, I’d rather not put myself ‘out there’.

“I have to be more careful with my look in my everyday life.

“I have [Harry Potter character] Hermione to thank, in a weird way, for my sense of style.

“Playing this role, fashion was my way of expressing myself away from that school uniform.

“When I got the chance to dress myself, I was so thrilled to be able to be Emma and show a different side of myself.

“I mean, I just wasn’t allowed to do anything: wasn’t allowed to cut my hair, put on nail varnish, tan, wear a bra that made my boobs in any way look larger, have any flesh showing, wear any makeup when I was playing Hermione.”


Post Author: Frankie Genchi

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