Top 20 Sexiest Male Celebrities 2014

It’s that time of year again: time for the official Flecking Records Sexy List.

It’s easily our favourite moment of the year (yes, we realise it’s only January) when we all sit down and place our favourite fellas in order of sexiness, but it’s harder than it seems, y’know.

Some very handsome gentlemen have topped our infamous list over recent years. Our first ever sexy celeb was Ian Somerhalder, the following year we had actor Joshua Jackson and then last year we named Henry Cavill our Sexiest Male Celebrity. But this means more than the fact that we clearly have a type (tall, dark and handsome actors), it also means that the bar is very high, so who will be named the best of the best this year?

Last year we had the likes of Dave Franco, Adam Lambert, Harry Judd, Matthew McConaughey, Channing Tatum, Danny Dyer, Josh Charles, Bradley Cooper, Andrew Lincoln and Zac Efron, but with this year’s new entries, who will be moving to make space for the new guys?

Say hello to Leonardo DiCaprio, Jason Derulo, Aaron Paul, Fabrizio Santino, Mike Vogel and more… but where will they rank? Click through the pages to find out.

Post Author: Frankie Genchi

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  • Sherry

    Is Adam listed as 15th most sexiest male celebrities if so who voted for this? In my opinion he should be #1. Just wondering. Thanks

  • Kerry Kolsch

    Adam Lambert should be higher that 15 on any sexiest list. Someone got this list wrong.

  • Anonymous

    OH COME ON ?!! Adam Lambert comes in at No. 15???????
    COME ON???? He’s sexier and more gorgeous than those others.
    Did blind people vote? lol

  • 808glam

    Love your write-up of Adam Lambert, as well as the man himself! Also, great video selection for him. For me, however, he ranks at #1!

  • Anonymous

    Adam Lambert is #1 Got that!! A-Number-one!!!!!

  • how is Adam Lambert NOT in the top 5 at least?? have you seen this man LIVE, oh dear god, sex on wheels!!!

  • Anonymous

    Was this a vote or a staff pick? If it wasn’t a vote are you going to do a voted one as well?

  • milkywayfairy

    Adam Lambert is #1 according to my tracking of votes in social media. Who is that person at FleckingRecords deciding the list? You may think it’s just a list you made up for fun and for hits, it reflects your professionalism and credibility, don’t see it here. Like the write-up on Adam and vid tho :)

  • Deanna

    Reading the comments below Adam is #15? I’m not even going to bother tweeting this out or read it.

  • Anonymous

    Looking for hits here – won’t bother tweeting it out. Lambert #15 – lol.

  • Anonymous

    Here’s a thought. Which of these men gets recognition for being drop-dead sexy from young girls, teenagers, young adults, cougars, and grandmothers (who have been around, ya’know, and know something about the subject) as well as the guys of all ages–gay and straight? Which of these men has never, ever given an interview where the Interviewer does HAVE to touch him–repeatedly if they can get close enough–male and female. Watch Roger Taylor slap his own hand and laugh for laying it on Adam’s thigh during a seated duet. Adam doesn’t try. He just is. That’s what Charisma is. Not staged, not role-related.

  • Kathleen Thomson

    Adam Lambert should be higher than #15. I agree with MagooEBJ’s statement, but I am glad he is on the list~

  • Graça Vilar

    <3 In the "real" world, Adam is #1! No contest! <3

  • Graça Vilar

    In the “real” world, Adam is #1! No contest! #ProudGlambert

  • Kiddio86

    Adam Lambert should definitely be #1. No contest,he is the sexiest male celebrity!

  • Guest

    a lot of comments about Adam Lambert being #15 – they must have corrected this as he is now at #7 Definitely better but there are some not very sexy, or even good looking, guys ahead of him. Makes me wonder who did this list? lol

  • Anonymous

    Umm where is the PASSION for your first 14 picks from their overheated, passionate, adoring, can’t-ever-get-enough-of-their-man fans? Media likes to say Glamberts are crazy–well, hellooo, there’s a REASON.

  • Anonymous

    I want to know when they’ll let us demonstrate the full extent of our craziness by letting us vote :)

  • Anonymous

    Even their Servers overheat when Glamberts get to vote–maybe they’re afraid!

  • Anonymous

    Adam is #1 in my book.If you’ve ever seen that man live close up and looked into those incredible eyes, perfect face and body there would be no contest! Easily the sexiest man alive. He’s just as exciting and beautiful inside, charasmatic and so personable!

  • Anonymous

    I so agree, I saw him at a Meet and greet in 2010, his eyes are actually turquoise, and it was just like looking at the sun. I got tongue-tied like I did when I was a little kid.

  • Anonymous

    No-one who wears animal fur could ever be sexy in my eyes. That means you, Mr Lambert-off my list for ever.

  • Anonymous

    I also had a M&G in Miami and could barely speak. He was so sweet and drop dead handsome! Love that man!