Matt Willis, Adrenaline Junkie?

We told you yesterday about poor Mr Willis getting twatted over in New Zealand last week while filming for Jack Osbourne’s Adrenaline Junkie.Other Celebs Jack has teamed up with this year include Jodie Kidd and John Thompson.The New Zealand Hearald says the show “involves sea kayaking, mountain biking, hill, bush and river running, trekking, navigation […]

Matt gets twatted!

Poor Matt!Last week during filming for the new series of Jack Osbourne’s Adrenaline Junkie in New Zealand, poor Matt was beat up by the local nutter.Matt was in a tattoo parlour getting a new tattoo when the random attack took place.“Some nutter came out of the blue and started beating the shit out of me” […]

MW Snaps

Hey guys, we know it’s a bit late but we thought you might fancy some snaps of D D D DJJAAAY Willis from last month!He turned up to do a set in Blackburn, and looked like he had a good time! Big thanks to Amanda Avanzi.

Pinch me is this real…

After we found out about this supposed gig that James would be playing in Wales next Friday, we took it open ourselves here at Flecking to contact the people behind the Fashion show. One of the organisers rang back a Flecker this afternoon and informed us that James Bourne, plus Son of Dork would be […]

James Bourne Solo Gig 2

It was a strange day on the world of the internet today when all hell was let loose on what James Bourne is up to. First we were informed that he would be playing a Fashion show next Friday in Wales, but then we were informed by James himself that he knew nothing about this. […]

Mini Matt Willis Update

It’s nothing huge, but we just thought you would all like to know.We were talking to Matt last night, and he was chatting proudly about his new band.It’s still early days but Matt told us he’s working with an old friend and he’s got some cool songs coming along.Matt seems really excited about the whole […]

Bourne Gig Confirmed

Oh dear. It seems that while most of you are excited James has confirmed his solo gig (that you heard here first wink wink) the rest of you can’t believe the price of the tickets.The gig has been confirmed for the 12th July at Koko’s in Burnley. You can buy tickets by contacting this guy […]


According to The People our dear dear Busted are getting back together.No one has told us anything about this and we haven’t come across one person who believes this to be true.We have a long mental list of things we’d imagine Charlie would rather do that re form Busted, none of which are very pleasant.If […]

James Bourne Solo Gig

It was rather busy on the Flecking Forums last night as everyone went into a slight state of excitement. Someone had posted a thread on the boards to let everyone know that James Bourne is doing a gig in the summer, in none other than Burnley. Now for people who don’t know where that is, […]

“The girls have shown some balls”

We were over the moon when we were told that we were to be mentioned on David Burns’ weekly pod cast by special guest Ben Hughes. He didn’t disappoint. In his pod cast he mentioned that “Smash hits is now appearing on the internet” and then went on to say that, “cause there’s no Smash […]

Fightstar Review + Aftershow

Fightstar at Madame JoJo’s ‘Compact’. This is the world Charlie used to describe Madame JoJo’s and he certainly wasn’t wrong. This place is tiny, but absolutely perfect for this evenings events.Fightstar have come a long way in the past 4 years. They’ve gone from, “That band with the one from Busted in” to, “Credible rock […]


Our source was walking to Bakers Oven and noticed a quite young looking learner driver stopped in the traffic. It turns out it was Lil Chris. Our spy also insisted to us that “he needs a hair cut”.