Is there anything Tom can’t do?

Tom Fletcher is not only the main songwriter of McFly, he also co-wrote some of Busted’s hits. However this talent does not stop there. Whilst Tom was in Australia with the rest of the lads from McFly, he put pen to paper to write a few short stories for a children’s book. Heck, even our […]

OK Mag’s Top 10 On-Screen Kisses

So here are OK Magazine’s top 10 on-screen kisses: 1. Gone with the Wind 2. Titanic 3. Romeo and Juliet 4. The Notebook 5. Sixteen Candles 6. Pretty Woman 7. Spiderman 8. Moulin Rouge 9. Dirty Dancing 10. Lady and the Tramp This got us thinking, so we’ll be bringing you our top 10 on-screen […]

Legitimate Piracy – Update

We have an update on the Legitimate Piracy album out later this month. Bands confirmed for the album are : MC Lars ft. Jaret Reddick (BFS), Army Of Freshmen, Kobe, Mirrorview, The Story So Far, Make It Better Later, Hypo Psycho, Second Chance, Not Your Hero and Sliced Peach. Keep your eyes peeled we’ll be […]

Jeans for Genes Day 2008

It’s less than 2 months until this year’s Jeans for Genes day. Jeans for Genes aims to change the world for children affected by genetic disorders. They do this with the money people help them to raise on Jeans for Genes Day which is taking place on Friday 3rd October this year. Kelly Osbourne is […]


Howard Dean of the ever so annoying Halifax ads has finally been dropped in favour of a more serious ad campaign. As usual everyone is blaming it on the credit crunch whereas I blame it on his terrible voice and crap lyrics, James Bourne could write better. Here’s the video that inflicted 6 years of […]

Ohh Beehive!

So it’s summer, you’re off school, away from uni, taking time off work… you find yourself sitting around the house wondering what to do, well here’s your answer. Beehive your hair! The DIY video is great because it’s so easy!Personally we’re going to make ours huge, bigger than Amy’s. Attempted it? Leave us a picture […]

RIP Bernie Mac 1957-2008

Oh my god we can’t believe it. Bernie Mac, 50, has passed away one week after it was learned he’d been hospitalised with pneumonia.Personal Bernie Mac favourites of ours are Oceans 11, Bad Santa and Guess Who. Watch Bernie at his finest here in Guess Who: And here in Bad Santa (if you’re over 15 […]


Oh god, don’t get us wrong we love Willis… but check out that hair do!! Willis was papped strolling around Manchester in the rain (not only something Flecking has done in aid of Willis, but we hid out in that very Starbucks!) while reportedly filming for ITV musical drama Britannia High. Willis was amongst various […]

Battle of the fitties

Well the news of the nominations has certainly shocked us! Dale vs. Stuart. It’s a battle of the hotties of the BB9 house.We can’t believe that those two are up for eviction. What’s wrong with the house? Worse still, you, the general public, have to decide between them both. Who do you want out? Well, […]

The Next McFly single is…

“Better run for cover, You’re a hurricane full of LIES” Well, it’s official the next single from the lovely McFly boys will be…….. LIES.Taken from the special edition of Radio:ACTIVE due out in September. The video for this fantastic new song is being shot next week over 3 days. As Flecking Records reported yesterday, it’s […]

McFly to launch messages to space…

No really. McFly, George Sampson and Scouting for Girls are joining up with Bebo members to launch personal messages into space. Anyone on the networking site can upload drawings, photos and text. A selection will be beamed into space via a high-powered radio wave. The messages are expected to reach the target planet, Gliese 581c […]

News Flash! – Morgan Freeman in car accident!

  Oh my god! Oscar-winning actor Morgan Freeman is in a hospital in Memphis, after being injured in a car accident in Mississippi. Regional Medical Center spokeswoman Kathy Stringer said Freeman, 71, is in serious condition. Freeman, who’s acting credits include Flecking Favourite The Shawshank Redemption, was apparently joking with rescue workers as the ‘jaws […]