Sex And The City movie 2? We haven’t been this excited since, well, Sex And The City movie 1! After months of rumours, HBO has confirmed that a sequel to the Sex and the City movie is in the early stages of development. Michael Lombardo, president of HBO’s programming group, told a group of reporters […]

Revels Eviction

Everyone loves Revels right? We all have our favourites (chocolate, Malteasers…) and we all have the ones we casually spit out at people in the cinema (orange, coffee…). Most of them are easily recognisable by their shape but with some it’s like playing Revels Roulette, and no one wants that. Well, the good people at […]

The Dark Knight

Have you been to see the new Batman movie yet? Why not? We’ll have a review up soon, in the mean time if you haven’t seen it go go go. Check out the trailer :We also recommend you go see it at your local Imax cinema, click here to find out where the nearest one […]


Neon nails are so in right now. Defying the rules of colour, they suit every skin tone. A stunning neon orange – try Lancome’s vibrant Le Vernis in Orange Flurorama, £14 – or a shocking pink – China Glaze’s Nail Enamel in Shocking Pink, £7.95 is unbeatable, 0113 2497025 – they will instantly lift a […]

Romance is dead as Bex gets evicted

We all knew it was true, but we just needed them to say it to each other. On Thursday night Bex and Luke finally admitted their feelings towards each other after Bex kissed Mohammed as a dare. However, Luke and Bex’s little romance didn’t last long, as she was evicted on last nights show.It was […]

McFly me to the… cinema

You know what it’s like at a McFly gig? Actually maybe you don’t so we’ll explain. Those of you who want to be at the front will probably get there ridiculously early, sit around for hours on end in a queue with bitchy girls who are just as desperate to get to the front row […]

Pete Doherty… in Yeovil?

Isn’t it annoying when you find out some big news the day after it happened? Especially when you work for the local newspaper. The news was Pete Doherty appearing at Yeovil Magistrates Court in Somerset yesterday. He’s pleaded guilty to causing criminal damage after smashing a photographer’s camera. The photographer, Catherine Mead, pursued Doherty and […]

Miley Sells Her Clothes…

… so that’s where they’ve gone! We don’t want to look like hardcore Miley fans, but we’re all for a good cause.Young Miss Cyrus is auctioning off some of her clothes for charity on eBay, clothes she’s worn on TV and for magazines (so none from photos she took of herself then).The auction includes the […]

Fashion Pixie

Rumours are flying around today that Pixie Geldof is to sign a deal to design a range of clothes for New Look.Apparently Pixie has been offered £80,000 to design the range for the high street store, however it is not confirmed according to Elle UK.Gossips are saying that Pixie would be following in the footsteps […]


McFly are one of the latest band to participate in iTunes Celebrity Playlist.Ever longed for the same musical tastes as McFly? (even though Tom openly admitted to us he had no idea who Motley Crew were) Well now you can, thanks to iTunes.For £14.22 you can download the 18 songs selected by the boys, ranging […]

Summer Nights

Between the sleepless (and too hot) summer nights and the ABSOLUTLY MASSIVE (no exaggeration) moths I’ve had enough of summer already.So you can imagine my excitement as I looked over the Autumn/Winter 2008 offerings from Accessorize. Ear muffs are coming back? Excellent. (ear muffs, £15) We’re all in favour of looking like an idiot in […]

Not In My Name

Our good friend Chas Newkey-Burden’s latest book is out 7th August (co-written with Julie Burchill). Not In My Name: A Compendium Of Modern Hypocrisy It is a great and glorious tradition the world over – to vehemently state one thing and then do the exact opposite. Royals are doing it, reformed smokers are doing it, […]

One for the boys…

… and the girls in our opinion. French Connection have launched a range of Batman t-shirts to celebrate the release of the new film The Dark Knight. There are seven tees, most available in several colours, although we have to say the Joker design (right) is our favourite. Heck, even the girls at Flecking have […]

You Know It Makes Scents

We spotted this article on this morning : Gray’s Anatomy star Patrick Dempsey is launching his first scent in collaboration with Avon – the aptly named “Unscripted”. According to WWD, the actor introduced the scent to the industry with a party at the Skyloft Penthouse in New York’s Tribeca. The partnership with Avon Products […]

LOST, The Game

  Here at Flecking we all love LOST, and we love games too, so what do you get if you combine the two? LOST Via Domus! Trust me, this game is great although I have no idea what the name means… Hmmm… I’ll Google it later. Now I’m not gonna lie, I have not finished […]

Danny Hall – Comeback?

Good news Danny Hall fans. We were chatting to Danny today and he told us he’s working on a solo album at the moment! We’re really excited because we’re all Danny lovers here at Flecking! He’s promised to keep us updated so we’ll be letting you know what’s going on. FG