The Morning After Look

We have read literally the best fashion news ever. Thank you Sunday Times. “The ‘walk of shame’ becomes chic!” We do love to party here at Flecking and quite frankly if we’re home before daylight we’ve had a crap time. We started reading: “We’ve all got one: a slaggy story about the morning after, when […]

McFly For Number One?

We hear that McFly are heading towards their 8th number 1 this week!“One For The Radio” is said to be 5,000 copies ahead of Dizzee Rascal & Calvin Harris’s “Dance Wiv Me” (according to the Music Week website).But don’t become complacent McFly fans! We want to make sure the lovely Tom, Danny, Dougie & Harry […]

Body Of An Angel Mind Of A Devil – Out Now!

Our friends Hypo Psycho have a new EP out, we really think you should check it out!Hypo Psycho are a London based ska band and living proof that you don’t need to look like a twat to play ska – there isn’t a stupid hair do or a tattoo in sight!Their last album was fantastic […]

The Sky’s The Limit!

People are always complaining that there’s nothing on TV. What are you talking about? The people who say there’s nothing on are obviously the people without Sky Digital. The re-runs, the movies, the music channels… I find it literally impossible to struggle to find something to watch, and that’s without looking in my Sky Planner […]


So it’s true, Prestige are doing the rounds on YouTube deleting all traces of new McFly tracks!One of our boardies went to see McFly and uploaded a few clips to YouTube to show those of us who lived to far away what they missed, and sure enough Prestige had the clips removed stating“This video is […]

McFly Times

For those of you who missed McFly at Shepherds Bush Empire there is a review on Times Online today.McFly have been testing new material on audiences before they give it away with Sunday Newspaper Mail On Sunday.There are rumours going around that any songs popping up on YouTube are to be scrapped from the album, […]

Pork & Beans

Here at Flecking we love a good Internet viral, especially the videos!You know the ones we’re talking about: The Evolution Of Dance, Chris ‘Leave Britney Alone’ Crocker, Will It Blend?, Chocolate Rain, The Numa Numa Guy, Daft Hands etc…Pork And Beans, the latest offering from Weezer has a video with a difference, gathering all the […]

McFly news, as it’s announced

Here it is McFly fans, the big news we’ve been waiting for!McFly are set to give away their new album, Radio:ACTIVE, for free with the Mail On Sunday on the 20th July! Says Tom Fletcher to Daily Mail online “We want to get our music out to the widest audience possible and working with a […]

Mcfly Update

There are so many rumours flying around at the moment where McFly are concerned. Have they signed a huge deal with McDonalds which will delay the release of the album Radio:Active? Will they be the first band to play a gig in space? Have they recorded a song for the Olympics?We hear there will be […]

Team Busted Speak Up

“WE REFUSED TO PAY THE RANSOM AND VICTORY IS OURS” Just when you thought the excitement was over for the day …James Bourne has posted out a bulletin about their victory because “everyone should know”. He posted couple of press quotes before adding “Maybe now this is over I’ll be able to focus on making […]


McFly showed off their slightly impressive culinary skills on Gordon Ramsay’s F word last night on Channel 4. It was highly entertaining as Gordon bantered with them all the way through. They cooked a fish dish for the main course and soufflé pancakes for the dessert. Harry managed to burn a towel, Dougie nearly blew […]

CHEF MATT.. well kinda. .

Matt seems to have developed some sort of culinary expertise.. or least that it what it seemed during the filming of Daily Cooks Challenge early this evening. The show that’s in four parts centres around two professional cooks being challenged to cook something with a variety of limits – the 5 minute challenge, cooking with […]

Kick off at the final

The whistle was not the only thing going off as McFly took to the pitch for the final of Soccer Six yesterday! Tempers got a little frayed even before the ball was kicked. As we Fleckers stood on the sidelines waiting for the whistle to blow we heard Danny ask Harry “Our cheering squad, where […]


Nah not really! We’ve had a few messages asking about Matt’s new tattoos.Matt has added to the star on his hand : He has also had ‘Emma’ tattooed on his wrist.So there you go! We’ll be rubbing shoulders (and whatever else we can get away with) with McFly tomorrow, not to mention the rest! Watch […]

McFly announce new record label

We’ve been wondering for quite a while what McFly’s next move was going to be, after the rumours of their split from Island Records. And now we know! On their most recent blog they told the world of their brand new record label ‘Super Records’ –“We are all unbelievably excited to be releasing our new […]