Review: Queens of the Stone Age – Villains

When conceptualising this year’s Gorillaz album, Humanz, Damon Albarn described music for ‘a party at the end of the world.’ Whether by chance or a simultaneous reflection of the cultural milieu, Albarn’s phrase seems like an apt description for Villains, the latest record by Queens of the Stone Age. Read more about Review: Queens of the Stone Age – Villains

Review: Mac Demarco – This Old Dog

Sonically, Mac Demarco’s latest album is firmly within his comfort zone, never straying too far from his usual brand of dreamy jangle pop. Yet where This Old Dog stands out from the rest of his discography is Demarco’s lyricism, which is more personal than ever. His relationship with his estranged father bookends the album, from the opening track ‘My Old Man’, in which Demarco fears that he increasingly resembles his father, to ‘Watching Him Fade Away’ where he attempts to reconcile his ambivalence as his father’s health fails – a fitting closer to an album concerned with change, longing, and death. Read more about Review: Mac Demarco – This Old Dog

Review: Run The Jewels – Run the Jewels 3

Expectations were naturally high for the third project by Run the Jewels after a solid debut in 2013 and an excellent sophomore record the following year. Run the Jewels 2 opened with Killer Mike’s aggressive shout ‘I’m gonna bang this bitch the fuck out’, that set the tone for the following 40 minutes of breathless, kinetic energy. Read more about Review: Run The Jewels – Run the Jewels 3

Why I think 3D gaming is here to stay

Photo: James Genchi / Flecking Records

2011 saw 3D spill into about every form of media around, and gaming was no exception. Unlike watching a film, when playing a video game you are not an observer, you become the character on screen. 3D helps to fully immerse the player in the world in which their game of choice is set, regardless of whether it is the Rub’ al Khali desert or Sonic’s famous Green Hill Zone. In fact, it’s surprising just how much the combination of a 3DTV and a Sony Playstation 3 enriches the entire gaming experience.
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