Apartment Life Review (Part 3) – Teeth, Helicopters, Butlers, Skipping and a little bit of Magic

Welcome to the final part of the review! Yes, so by now, you probably all know that Apartment Life is amazing, but we thought we show you just a little bit more… No, you’re not crazy, that Sim really is brushing his teeth, God, this Expansion Pack really does add everything dosen’t it? OK, so […]

Apartment Life Review (Part 2) – Magic and Witchcraft

Oh yes! It’s back, many, many simmers wanted a Makin’ Magic re-make, and that’s what they got…Kind of…Rather than have a completely magic based pack (which, to be honest, wasn’t exactly my cup of tea) they given us the next best thing, an apartment based pack with magic, so, we are going you a quick […]

Apartment Life Review (Part 1) – Apartment Life

Here’s the first part of our Apartment Life review, to start off we’re going to be looking at the actual Apartment Life aspect. You can have 4 families of 8 per apartment block, only being able to control one family at a time.However you can knock on your neighbors door and be invited in, and […]