Boom Boom Boom

All the benefits and style of the iconic Boom Box but without the back pain, this incrediblenew bag from Loop Couture is a definite TruffleShuffle favourite. As well as looking awesome, the best part is that it actually works! Simply connect your MP3 or iPod and the hidden speakers will play out your favourite tunes […]

Happy 50th Birthday to…..

Barbie! We’ll spare you the “God, she looks good for her age” gag.We all know you just thought it! Many designers have taken advantage of this special birthday and have released many Barbie themed products. Flecking favourite, Truffle Shuffle are no exception to this and have released some great clothes and accessories. Our favourites are […]

We Love…

… this bag! The Matt Heart Cross Body bag is £22 from Top Shop and available in blue and coral. Everyone knows the coolest bags are either huge or tiny. Top Shop have a fantastic range of tiny bags, so small you can’t even fit your mobile in, let alone all the make-up, money and […]

Bring On Christmas…

Cause we know what we want already!Chanel has unveiled an all new line of bags and accessories called Chanel Unlimited just in time for Christmas. According to Vogue UK, the range comes in a glossy grey canvas material embossed with the words “Paris”, “31, rue Cambon” “Coco” and “Chanel”, which come repeated like the ultimate […]

Mission Possible!

So it’s almost winter, but I’m personally very excited about this! A new season of fashion, you can wear twice as many clothes at once and just think of all those extra accessories! Here is your Flecking Fashion checklist of what we’re predicting / demanding will be all over everyone who’s anyone this winter! Animal […]

Bag your favourite American celebs

Sticking with the US theme, we’ve found some amazing bags on eBay! (Well amazing is a matter of opinion, but we love them…) Your favourite American stars are being turned into accessories – from the Jonas Brothers to the Sex and the City girls, Miley Cyrus and Zac Efron. These bags are unique and funky, […]

We’re loving…

I love this bag so much it hurts! Cuffz by Linz has created a collection of bags in various shapes and colours all designed around a pair of handcuffs. It’s designed to be functional, like if you’re on a night out you can actually handcuff the bag to your wrist to keep it save. I […]