Tinnitus Awareness Week: Living with tinnitus & protecting your ears

For me, New Year’s Eve wasn’t just the start of 2013… it was also my tinniversary. If you don’t know what a tinniversary is (and why would you? I just made it up), it’s one year since I developed tinnitus – the perception of sound in the absence of any corresponding external sound, or put […]

Tinnitus Awareness Week: Celebrities with tinnitus

This week (6-12th Feb) is Tinnitus Awareness Week – but what is tinnitus?
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Alright for some eh?

It’s your 40th, you’re P Diddy, so how much do you spend for this night? Around $3m (£1.8m) should do the trick! According to The New York Post, the rapper created a Garden of Eden theme for the celebration which was held at the Plaza Hotel in the city. For the event, he reportedly installed […]