Nails R Us

I’m in love with this chrome nail polish from Stargazer.I’ve spent weeks hunting down the perfect chrome nail polish, one so shiny I can see my face in it. Well check out what Stargazer has to offer.It was the wonderful Stargazer that saw me through my mosher years, and while my hair is now a […]

Soap & Glory

Ladies (and gents if you like to take care of yourself / wear make-up) get down to your local Boots as soon as possible! I was in there yesterday and delighted to spy a sale on Soap & Glory products! S&G; have everything you need from make-up to skin care products and they really are […]

Irregular.. you bet it is!

One special Flecker told us about this amazing site called Irregular Choice, and at first I was taken aback by the crazy patterns, and weird shaped shoes. However, the more I looked around, the more I fell in love with the fantastic ranges and amazing designs. They aren’t the most cheapest of items, but you […]

We’re in love!

There are not many days when we fall in love with boots like this – ok, we’re lying. But these boots are truly spectacular. We believe it’s a matter of opinion, as some think we are crazy for even considering wearing these out. We don’t care. We love them, and if you think so too, […]