First Tom, now Danny’s had a near miss on the road

Another incident happened tonight involving a different member of McFly, what are we going to do with them?! On Wednesday we posted about Tom Fletcher’s car accident, tonight it seems it was nearly the turn for Danny Jones! We were all worried enough when we heard about the incident involving Tom and his parent’s now […]

Congratulations Ozzy Osbourne

Congratulations Ozzy Osbourne, who has finally passed his driving test – after taking it 19 times. ‘For the first time in my life I’m legal to drive – so watch out,’ he told The Graham Norton Show. ‘I would go for my test – they would see me and go, “No, Mr Osbourne! Come back […]

Naughty George!

It seems even the celebs can get it wrong. Yesterday, George Michael was arrested on suspicion of drug-driving after he smashed his car into the back of a lorry. At about 1am, he slammed his £80,000 car in the the truck at high speed. Onlookers thought the George was dead, and the trucker said, “He […]