First Lady Gaga, Now Rihanna

Oh no, it’s catching. Do you remember the photos we showed you of Lady Gaga with big silly shoulders? Well now Rihanna is having a go at the yucky trend. Rihanna’s might not have been as big as Gaga’s, but they were equally as daft. This has got to stop here.

Amy’s Boob!

Amy Winehouse’s dad Mitch has revealed the real reason behind her hospital visit this week. Amy was reported to have had a reaction to medication for a cold. ‘Yeah it was in the paper the other day,’ he said on his Living TV show Mitch Winehouse’s Showbiz Rant. ‘It said she had a cold. ‘Can […]

A Pony Tale

Marcus, Marcus, Marcus! You had the chance to win us over (slightly) and you blew it! After stripping them of their prize fund, Big Brother gave Marcus the chance to win back £14,000 of it – all he had to do was cut off his pony tail! Bad news people, his response: “Fuck off” and […]