Oh Bruno!

So we went to see Bruno on Friday night and wow, it’s everything we thought it would be! You HAVE to go see it, if you can’t or you’re too young then the next best thing would be to watch this interview Bruno did on The Today Show, NBC. The interview got better and better […]

Happy 50th Birthday to…..

Barbie! We’ll spare you the “God, she looks good for her age” gag.We all know you just thought it! Many designers have taken advantage of this special birthday and have released many Barbie themed products. Flecking favourite, Truffle Shuffle are no exception to this and have released some great clothes and accessories. Our favourites are […]

It’s A Jungle Out There!

Having successfully seen every episode of Sex And The City about a million times, and the second movie still not on it’s way I’ve been struggling to get my fix of a girly sitcom packed full of laughs, pretty boys and fashion. Having the same problem? Well stop worrying! Lipstick Jungle is here to solve […]

Fleck Loves Flack

We don’t make a habit of watching childrens TV but we can make an exception for the tres fashionable TMi! Sam & Mark never fail to make us laugh with their stupid antics, but we especially love Caroline Flack. If she wasn’t so lovely we’d hate her perfect hair and amazing sense of style! Each […]

We’re loving…

Topshop’s Punk Couture collection. “Loosening punk’s rebellious roots, tailored jackets and trousers combined with flashes of traditional tartan, the ubiquitous studding, sexy leopard print and sleek silhouette.” With this collection it’s almost impossible to get punk wrong so get down there today! Click here to view and buy. Wool Biker Jacket, £48

Fashion or Photography?

Apparently too difficult a decision for Karl Lagerfeld to make, so much so he’d “rather commit suicide than have to choose between them.” “What can force me to be one? I like to be all,” Karl declared. “The different aspects make the one man.” They’re not the only components that make up them man, Lagerfeld […]

Total Pants!

Y-fronts! Gaah! They’ve always put the ‘pants’ in pants but that’s all about to change thanks to Topman. So cool, quirky, brightly coloured… if I was a guy I’d be tempted to wear them on the outside! The nerd look in making a comeback, so stock up now! Check out our favourites, and click here […]