Feeder Review – O2 Academy, Glasgow

With a solid career in rock that spans nearly two decades, Feeder must have a difficult time narrowing down their set list. That’s probably the reason, at least in part, that they have opted to tour under their pseudo name of Renegades lately. Doing this allowed them the freedom to return to their roots and experiment musically in small venues, without the pressure of the crowd expecting them to play a festival-like countdown of their greatest hits. It was a great idea, and one that has worked wonderfully for the band. However, last night they are played a sold-out show at the large o2 Academy in Glasgow and were billed as Feeder. Read more about Feeder Review – O2 Academy, Glasgow

25 Teen Anthems We Want Back In The Charts

Inspired by Wheatus’ hit song Teenage Dirtbag re-entering the UK top 40, we’ve compiled a list of 25 teen anthems we’d love to see back in the charts.
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Fightstar are touring with Feeder!

Yes, you heard me right. After a few ‘will they, won’t they?’, Fightstar have finally announced on their MySpace that they will be supporting Feeder this coming October/November. They might even play their new single as well. The blog also says that they will be adding a headline tour soon, and announcing some exciting news […]

McFly to launch messages to space…

No really. McFly, George Sampson and Scouting for Girls are joining up with Bebo members to launch personal messages into space. Anyone on the networking site can upload drawings, photos and text. A selection will be beamed into space via a high-powered radio wave. The messages are expected to reach the target planet, Gliese 581c […]