Mark Wahlberg Is Smokin’

Flecking favourite and fittie Mark Wahlberg was apparently rushed to a Massachusetts hospital on Friday morning. The actor, who is shooting new film The Fighter, was reportedly treated for smoke inhalation. ‘Mark was working on a scene [Thursday night] where a smoke machine was being used for atmosphere and apparently he breathed in too much […]

Callum Monks

Hello new boy! Eastenders fans will have caught a glimpse of Callum on tonights episode. Hubba hubba! Callum Monks, played by Elliott Jordan, is playing the part of Vinnie Monks’ (Bobby Davro) son. ‘What’s he doing on the square?’ we hear you cry. Apparently Callum goes to stay with his Dad after the three women […]

Men Of The 90’s

hh we do miss the 90’s! Adidas poppers, Tamagotchis, The Spice Girls… But the thing that really made the 90s for us was the TV shows. Saved By The Bell, Hang Time, USA High, City Guys, Boy Meets World… the drama! We like to think those shows made us the upstanding members of the community […]