My Sky +

For a media blog today I thought I might share with you my ‘to be recorded’ list on Sky +!So if you’re stuck for something to watch, or want something good to record for later then look no further! (especially if, like me, you are stuck in bed poorly) ThursdayReeker – 13:30, Sky SciFi/HorrorOur magazine […]

Want to be on Fonejacker?

Ever wanted to be on Fonejacker? Well, now you can! The geniuses behind the hit Channel 4 show have created a way you can upload your picture, and star in your own sketch. We think it’s absolutely brilliant and have spent ages messing around with pictures… Especially a certain Mr Bourne. Go Jack Yourself! Enjoy! […]

Fonejacker is back!

“You want a doovde?” – The famous words of one very talented man who goes by the name of Fonejacker. If like us you enjoy the prank calls he makes to various unsuspecting members of the public, then you will love the fact that the prankster himself is back! It’s coming back to E4 very […]