Flecking Records Magazine – Issue 5

Issue 5 is here and it’s one of our best yet. We’ve got your old favourites, your current favourites and some guysthat we know you are going to just love! So, what have we got? A true contender for our all time favourite interview, our cover boy James Buckley – in our opinion the star […]

James Buckley Interview

Shockwaves NME Awards 2010 - Inside Arrivals
"I actually had to say to an old woman 'can you suck me off' while we were filming"

Like us, if you’re a huge fan of The Inbetweeners you’ll know exactly who James Buckley is. We’ve often wondered if James would be anything like Jay, the character he plays in the E4 hit comedy. We’re slightly disappointed to report that James is nothing like Jay, he didn’t even say clunge once!
Check out what James had to say about Soccer Six, bus wankers and his band London Waiting!
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The Flecking Records Soccer Six Awards 2009

You know you’re on to a good thing when you can make the sun and the stars shine on a May Bank Holiday weekend. That’s exactly what happened when Flecking Records attended the 25th Soccer Six (in association with The Samaritans) event recently.

In honour of this fantastic annual event we decided to stage the first Flecking Records Soccer Six Awards – celebrating the best and the worst of the bunch. Read more about The Flecking Records Soccer Six Awards 2009