No action for Alexandra!

Apparently the stunning singer Miss Burke has had no man attention at all! According to The Sun, she was asked if she’d been celibate and she replied with, ‘Yeah, basically there’s been no one.’ We don’t believe this! It was only a little while ago we saw her smooching with a mystery man. Hmm, watch […]

One For The Lads

Good news boys! Topman have a half price sale on their website on everything fromclothes to accessorise to underpants! Our faves are the funky boxer shorts (most as cheap as £3) and the quirky PJ bottoms (down to £10). Click here to visit the sale. Click here to see our favourite pants.

Lily likes them old… and rich

Well we certainly don’t blame her for the last part! Rich is great, but old? Lily Allen, are you feeling ok? She told The Sun, ‘It’s funny because my boyfriends have gone up in terms of age and how much money they make. Lester [Lloyd, her first boyfriend] was 20 and had no money, Seb […]

Brad Zip

‘Scraping the fashion news barrel so soon?’ we hear you cry! Well, Brad Pitt may have committed the ultimate fashion faux-pas, but we can’t help but stare when someone has their fly down… especially when it’s Brad Pitt! And where was this we hear you ask? It was on the red carpet (of sorts) of […]

New Look… for men!

Whilst internet window shopping the other day, I spotted something I never knew existed, a men’s section on New Look. Yes guys, the shop that is usually full of sparkly girl things and has PINK in the logo are offering men’s clothes. And we’re rather impressed with what’s on offer, you can pick up this […]

Total Pants!

Y-fronts! Gaah! They’ve always put the ‘pants’ in pants but that’s all about to change thanks to Topman. So cool, quirky, brightly coloured… if I was a guy I’d be tempted to wear them on the outside! The nerd look in making a comeback, so stock up now! Check out our favourites, and click here […]

Kutcher This

Sod the jeans, we’re loving this ad campaign… MALE model-turned-Hollywood A-lister Ashton Kutcher returns for second season as the face of Pepe Jeans London – and this time round, there’s a new look and a new girl freshening things up. Daria Werbowy, who joined Kutcher for the spring/summer 2008 campaign, is replaced by Brazilian catwalker […]

One for the boys…

… and the girls in our opinion. French Connection have launched a range of Batman t-shirts to celebrate the release of the new film The Dark Knight. There are seven tees, most available in several colours, although we have to say the Joker design (right) is our favourite. Heck, even the girls at Flecking have […]