CATS Edinburgh Review


Picture by Alessandro Pinna Photography.
Picture by Alessandro Pinna Photography.


With its unusual source material and non-generic approach to mainstream musical theatre, CATS should never have been destined to have universal appeal. However, as the fantastic touring cast proved in Edinburgh last night, CATS has actually come to be a shining example of how musicals need not be ‘dumbed down’ with easy-to-follow dialogue for them to be both relatable and enjoyable for a widespread audience. Read more about CATS Edinburgh Review

American Idiot Review

‘A vibrant rock extravaganza which makes for an entertaining alternative night at the theatre’

On paper, musical theatre and punk-rock simply shouldn’t mix. Whilst one is generally wild and unpredictable, the other is typically rigid and well-rehearsed. It came as a welcome surprise, then, to see these two contrasting art forms working so well together at last night’s Edinburgh premier of the Broadway smash-hit rock opera American Idiot. Read more about American Idiot Review