Nails R Us

I’m in love with this chrome nail polish from Stargazer.I’ve spent weeks hunting down the perfect chrome nail polish, one so shiny I can see my face in it. Well check out what Stargazer has to offer.It was the wonderful Stargazer that saw me through my mosher years, and while my hair is now a […]

Mission Possible!

So it’s almost winter, but I’m personally very excited about this! A new season of fashion, you can wear twice as many clothes at once and just think of all those extra accessories! Here is your Flecking Fashion checklist of what we’re predicting / demanding will be all over everyone who’s anyone this winter! Animal […]


Neon nails are so in right now. Defying the rules of colour, they suit every skin tone. A stunning neon orange – try Lancome’s vibrant Le Vernis in Orange Flurorama, £14 – or a shocking pink – China Glaze’s Nail Enamel in Shocking Pink, £7.95 is unbeatable, 0113 2497025 – they will instantly lift a […]