Lindsay Lohan’s (alleged) list of lovers lengthens…

When a list of Lindsay Lohan’s lovers – allegedly written by the star herself – hit the net we squeaked with delight. Read more about Lindsay Lohan’s (alleged) list of lovers lengthens…

National Movie Awards winners

National Movie Awards in London

As far as we’re concerned, the real excitement was Joey and Pacey being in the same room! Read more about National Movie Awards winners

Frankie Sandford’s saucy revelation

 Frankie Sandford has made a rather saucy revelation. She has a phobia of tomato ketchup. ‘I have a phobia of tomato ketchup,’ she told Heat. ‘I hate the smell and the taste.’ She’s not the only celeb with a phobia. Did you know that… Jennifer Lopez is scared of the dark?Orlando Bloom is scared of […]