Busted Rumour: Are Matt Willis and James Bourne looking for a new Charlie Simpson?

Smash Hits T4 Poll Winners Party 2004 - Awards RoomIt’s been ages since we heard any rumours that Busted were getting back together, so we were kind of expecting something to crop up soon. The latest is a bit more original though – a reality TV show to find a new Charlie Simpson!
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Miley Cyrus is still alive

Miley Cyrus is still alive – don’t believe everything you read on Twitter. The rumours that the pop star had died started last night, just a couple of hours after Brittany Murphy’s tragic death was confirmed, when Peaches Geldof tweeted that she had received a text from “a friend in the industry” saying that Miley […]

It blows to be Rihanna

Rihanna has revealed that gossip almost ruined her friendship with Jay-Z. Rihanna told Guardian Weekend that claims she had given the rapper a blow job to secure a record contract made her feel weird around him. ‘It was like, “Of course she had to give [Jay-Z] a blow job to get that deal,”‘ explains Rihanna. […]

Just My McFly?

Rumours involving McFly have been flying around a lot lately! Not too long ago, it was some what ‘announced’ that McFly might end up with their own reality show. Now we’ve got some news that links up to that rumour perfectly! The chain FOX, yes that massive American company, is apparently very interested in McFly […]

Zach Braff – Not Dead

Zach Braff is NOT dead and he has proven the fact he is alive in the coolest, funniest way. In fact, it’s probably our favourite “I’m alive” video, ever. After an online prankster made a fake CNN page announcing that Zach was dead, Zach recorded a video and uploaded it to his Facebook. It is […]

Rumour has it…

Amelle Berrabah has quit the Sugababes! We first got wind of this rumour yesterday and it seems to have spread like wild fire through the night, and still no one appears to be denying it.The best anyone can get from ‘Camp Sugababe’ is “No comment” and to be fair it wouldn’t be the first line […]

He’s a she! She’s a he! He’s a she-she…

Oh we SO wish this were true! The (wonderful) rumours that legend Robin Williams was to play Susan Boyle on the big screen have been have been rubbished by Robin’s people! Boo! It was reported that the comedian was interested in turning the Britain’s Got Talent runner-up’s life story into a Hollywood biopic. The following […]

America or McFly…

Hmm, it doesn’t quite have the same ring to it. File under: Rumours. We had an e-mail from someone* this morning tipping us off that McFly were in talks about staring in a reality show for VH1 that would see them try to break America à la Busted. Update: Just My McFly? *Please note that […]