Whatever happened to…? Eamon & Frankee, Red Ranger, The Mighty Ducks & WALT

In today’s edition of Whatever happened to…? we’ll be Google-stalking R&B supposed exes, Eamon and Frankee, the original Red Ranger from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, the cast of the Mighty Ducks movies and actor Malcolm David Kelley, AKA Walt from hit TV show Lost. Read more about Whatever happened to…? Eamon & Frankee, Red Ranger, The Mighty Ducks & WALT

Chantelle Barry Interview

"I think I'm just an artist all round. I love being creative. I sew, I make jewellery, I sing, dance, act..."

Chantelle Barry first caught the public’s attention in 2000 when she won Australia’s version of Popstars, earning herself a place in the girlband Bardot. She’s come a long way since then, literally, now living in LA, acting and working on her music.
She has recently collaborated with Flecking favourite Scott Whyte and is fast becoming one of our favourite female solo artists.
I had a chat with Chantelle about her music, her acting and her plans for the future.

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My Sky +

For a media blog today I thought I might share with you my ‘to be recorded’ list on Sky +!So if you’re stuck for something to watch, or want something good to record for later then look no further! (especially if, like me, you are stuck in bed poorly) ThursdayReeker – 13:30, Sky SciFi/HorrorOur magazine […]

Scott Whyte Interview

It’s probably about 10 years since I made the oh-so grown up televisual transition from Nickelodeon to Trouble. I swapped Kenan and Kel for Blossom, Sister Sister for Saved By The Bell and Sabrina The Teenage Witch for In The House (OK, I didn’t strictly stop watching Sister Sister and Sabrina, they were good shows, but you see the point I‘m trying to make…).
Last month I was asked to write a piece on TV pin-ups from my teen years and the research was the best part. I’m still torn between Saved By The Bell’s Zack and AC Slater, Winston from Sweet Valley High got hot and Joey Lawrence is nothing without his hair, but one person that really caught my attention was former love of my life Scott Whyte AKA Chris Anderson from City Guys.
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The Magazine – Issue 3!

The moment you have all been waiting for! Issue 3 of Flecking Records magazine is online now. It was our second birthday on the 1st October and this is our biggest issue yet. So what could we possibly offer you this issue? If interviews are your thing you’re in for a treat! Our cover boy […]