Javari – we love you!

Amazon have a new website, Javari, dedicated exclusively to handbags and shoes. As if Amazon weren’t wonderful enough, now they’re perfect. Amazon founder Jeff Bezoz has said “You’ll already find over 150 brands and over 9,000 styles of shoes for men, women and children. “You can find everything from popular brands like Converse, Rockport and […]

Since Shoe Left Me

McTom McFletcher has fallen victim to a shoe bandit! McTom says the cheeky thief even left his own footwear at the scene of the crime. ‘My pair have gone and they were replaced with a tattered old pair of trainers that I’m guessing the thief was wearing at the time.’ Keep an eye on eBay!

Ugly Duckling

Whilst mindlessly clicking across the internet for shoes I stumbled upon Ugly Duckling and it’s love. So are the shoes ugly? They’re certainly unique, I think that’s what I found so captivating about them. Personally I think they’re gorgeous and the price tags won’t make you cry. Here are my favourite pairs: Aneka Hand made […]

A Good Night!

Forget going out gear, this is the only nightwear we’re interested in.New in at Topshop, these PJs are fantastic and there’s something for everyone?My favourite is probably the Mickey Mouse set although they’re probably not very practical for the winter, so you’re going to need some slippers. Topshop have an amazing range of them too, […]