BB nominations.. revealed!

If you don’t want to know who is up this week and want to wait til tonight’s show to find out then look away… now! It was inevitable really, but both Marcus and Halfwit face eviction on Friday. Considering Halfwit’s reputation (and the fact that he’s ridiculously cocky about it), we’re assuming Marcus is going. […]

Byebye Bunny Rabbit!

Big Brother contestant Noirin Kelly has become the latest housemate to be evicted from the Big Brother house. The 25-year-old from Dublin left to a chorus of boos after a messing with a few too many of the male housemates. “I was expecting boos from all the drama that’s been happening over the last two […]

Big Lover

Big Brother Housemates Noirin and Siavash have become the latest in the house to get up close and personal – sharing a brief illicit ‘kiss’ between the covers as other housemates slept. Earlier, Siavash had ranted to Noirin, Dogface, Tom and Rodrigo, “I am the winner of this show. “I came in to get something, […]

Don’t say fuck or bugger…

Being summoned by Big Brother at 9.30 on a Sunday morning cannot bode well for any of the housemates. But after clearly breaking the rules on discussing nominations, Dogface and Siavash were ordered to the Diary Room to face their punishment. Giving them a few minutes to settle into the Chair, Big Brother detailed their […]