Celebrity Eyewear & Fashion

Photo: James Genchi/Flecking Records

Celebrity fashion is something that literally millions of people across the world pay attention to and try to emulate. Think about how often you see your favourite celebrities in advertisements and in public display. Star celebrities are constantly visible, whether it’s on magazine covers, on billboards, in films, or on television, and because of their popularity and general attentiveness to style, they can often set fashion trends that spread far and wide. So what are some of the most noteworthy trends that you can notice and keep an eye on? Read more about Celebrity Eyewear & Fashion

Flip What?!

Whilst browsing on River Island looking for a new scarf (my current one is so last seasons colour darrrrling) I was both shocked and confused to see that they are selling flip flops, sandals and sunglasses. Now, sunglasses, I can accept, for those bright winters mornings when your driving or maybe nursing a hangover. But […]