Films & TV shows we think would be amazing in 3D

There are several things in life that you absolutely should not fake – we’ll leave those to your imagination – but one thing we do encourage is converting 2D films into 3D films through your 3D TVs. Here at Flecking Records, we’ve lovingly dubbed it Faux-D.

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Our (Entertainment) New Year’s Resolutions

Woo! Happy New Year! The year 2012 has started, and while most people are swearing off things like chocolate (for as long as it takes them to eyeball that selection box) we’ve decided here at Flecking Records to make our New Year’s Resolutions all entertainment based.
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Matt’s Nice

David Gest has donated £3,000 to Millvina Dean, the final remaining survivor of the Titanic. Millvina was two months old when the Titanic sank, killing 1,500 people on its maiden voyage. The I’m A Celebrity… contestant gave the cheque after hearing that Dean was being forced to sell memorabilia from the famous ship to pay […]

OK Mag’s Top 10 On-Screen Kisses

So here are OK Magazine’s top 10 on-screen kisses: 1. Gone with the Wind 2. Titanic 3. Romeo and Juliet 4. The Notebook 5. Sixteen Candles 6. Pretty Woman 7. Spiderman 8. Moulin Rouge 9. Dirty Dancing 10. Lady and the Tramp This got us thinking, so we’ll be bringing you our top 10 on-screen […]