Luke And Bex Return to BB

No, we’re not lying. Luke and Bex are officially lovebirds now. Have you seen the images in The Daily Star? Well, we have. The saucy pair are going back into the BB house to apparently show Rex and Nicole how it’s done. I don’t blame them. Ever since Nicole arrived, it’s been one thing after […]


Howard Dean of the ever so annoying Halifax ads has finally been dropped in favour of a more serious ad campaign. As usual everyone is blaming it on the credit crunch whereas I blame it on his terrible voice and crap lyrics, James Bourne could write better. Here’s the video that inflicted 6 years of […]


Oh god, don’t get us wrong we love Willis… but check out that hair do!! Willis was papped strolling around Manchester in the rain (not only something Flecking has done in aid of Willis, but we hid out in that very Starbucks!) while reportedly filming for ITV musical drama Britannia High. Willis was amongst various […]

Battle of the fitties

Well the news of the nominations has certainly shocked us! Dale vs. Stuart. It’s a battle of the hotties of the BB9 house.We can’t believe that those two are up for eviction. What’s wrong with the house? Worse still, you, the general public, have to decide between them both. Who do you want out? Well, […]

Men Of The 90’s

hh we do miss the 90’s! Adidas poppers, Tamagotchis, The Spice Girls… But the thing that really made the 90s for us was the TV shows. Saved By The Bell, Hang Time, USA High, City Guys, Boy Meets World… the drama! We like to think those shows made us the upstanding members of the community […]

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9??

It seems Big Brother had a little game plan up it’s own sleeve a few days ago. They installed the Nominations Pod where Rex, Mohamed, Stuart and Michael all discussed who they would nominate. Controversial.This then spurred on the Hell housemates who all wondered who the Heavenly housemates were choosing. However, by talking about this, […]

Zach Hangs Up His Scrubs

Zach Braff who stars as J.D, the main character and protagonist of hospital comedy ‘Scrubs’ won’t be returning for an 9th season. Braff has had enough of the hit TV show in which he stars alongside Donald Faison and Sarah Chalke and has left to continue his movie career. Staring in successful films such as […]

BB Mini update

Can’t wait until tomorrow night to find out what happened in the house today?Here’s a little mini round up:– Dale is told by BB to wake the Heavenly housemates with a nice big kiss! And he obliges.. Lucky housemates.– The Hell housemates had to peel a load of onions in the garden! Don’t cry now…– […]

Dragon’s Den

  Series 6 of Dragon’s Den starts tonight. We all have our own reasons for watching it (we’re sorry to say ours have nothing to do with the actual show it’s self, but what can you do?) so you’ll be glad to here it’s kicking off the new season tonight with dragons Deborah Meaden, Duncan […]

Housemates monkey around

you have only just watched tonight’s episode and want to wait til tomorrow to find out who Dale chose then look away now!After spending well over 10 hours hanging on a tyre dressed as a gorilla, Dale won the ‘Head of House’ title. He painstakingly chose his housemates Stuart, Maysoon, Rex and Luke and waited […]

Playhouse Disney

When you think of Miley Cyrus, you automatically think… sweet, teen, girl-next-door. Well, she is 15 after all, but as much as she has protested that she is still a virgin, images are still being leaked of something that is quite the opposite. In a recent interview with Vanity Fair Magazine, she told them that […]

The Sky’s The Limit!

People are always complaining that there’s nothing on TV. What are you talking about? The people who say there’s nothing on are obviously the people without Sky Digital. The re-runs, the movies, the music channels… I find it literally impossible to struggle to find something to watch, and that’s without looking in my Sky Planner […]