No Hablo Ingles

Have we ever mentioned just how much we love Bowling For Soup? Check out their hilarious video for the kick-ass song No Hablo Ingles. Unfortunately there isn’t a human penis costume in sight, but we’re loving it. You can also check out our interview with Erik in issue 6 by clicking here.

Lily vs Elton

Revenge is a dish best served in the form of a music video. After Elton John apparently commented on Lily Allen’s lifestyle at the GQ awards and she apparently told him to fuck off she has now gone and made him (or a look-a-like at least) the star of her new music video. Seeing is […]

Shakira’s a dog!

If you’re pervy your prayers have been answered! Ever wanted to see Shakira lift her leg above her head while wearing a nude suit and panting and howling like a wolf? Of course you have! Then this is the video for you!

You – Chantelle Barry

We’ve just checked out Chantelle Barry’s new music video for You and not only is it a wicked song, but the video is awesome too – and it stars our favourite cover boy Scott Whyte!Check out Issue 6 of Flecking Records magazine to read our interview with Chantelle about her acting and her music.

Chris Brown apologises…

It might be a little late, but Chris Brown has apologised for assaulting Rihanna in February. He’s already pleaded guilty in the court case so got let off with five years probation, 180 days of community labour and ordered to complete a year of domestic violence classes. In the video below, Chris says, “Since February […]

Obsessed Indeed

“Obsessed,” the first single from Mariah Carey’s upcoming album Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel, debuted on Chicago’s B96 radio today, and — surprise — it seems like the song is targeting Eminem, who recently started a beef with Carey and her husband Nick Cannon with the Relapse song “Bagpipes From Baghdad. “I was like, why […]

Body Hair & Y-Fronts

The award for the coolest yet weirdest video of the moment goes to 3Oh!3 for their video Don’t Trust Me. They may not be your first choice of men to watch dancing around in their pants (although the hairier of the two is kinda hot) but it works for them. Tight pants, female backing dancers […]

Faster And Faster

Check out Andy J Gallagher’s new video for upcoming single Faster And Faster. The cool new video was shot with Top Gear’s director, cameramen and stunt drivers.“The video is just like an old fashioned heist in a seventies police drama,” laughs Andy. “Me and a few boys with stockings on our heads jump into a […]

Fightstar’s message … to you!

I’ve seen some fantastic single promo in my time, but this… this my dear children, beats it all. This video is bloody hilarious, and if you don’t like Fightstar, then I think you should buy the single anyway for all the effort that was put into this! Especially for the excitable dancing man….

Fightstar’s new video

Well Fightstar, you said you had tried something different with this video and you weren’t lying. There’s doorways, camera’s and typewriting machines. I remember when I first watched “Waste A Moment” and how I literally thought that they couldn’t top that. Then they put out “Deathcar” and despite all the controversy, all that blood made […]

McFly: Unstoppable?

They may have split from their record label and battled against Dizzee Rascal, but there is no stopping McFly. Their new video ‘Lies’ was shown today on Channel 4, but it’s far from what you would expect from them. We’ve had various different and interesting videos from McFly (Room On The 3rd Floor has to […]