“The girls have shown some balls”

We were over the moon when we were told that we were to be mentioned on David Burns’ weekly pod cast by special guest Ben Hughes. He didn’t disappoint. In his pod cast he mentioned that “Smash hits is now appearing on the internet” and then went on to say that, “cause there’s no Smash Hits anymore, these girls from Flecking Records cover it”. Well thank you very much Ben. We like to think that we’re pretty snazzy with our words and wit. However, it was when he was talking about Elliot Minor and our rather cutting blog that he said, “the girls have shown some balls”. This made us happy! Finally, someone who understands that Flecking mean business.
Then after he mentioned Flecking, he went on to play FDH. Ah he’s taken our musical recommendations into consideration, he‘ll go far!

And we have to mention the “twats twats twats twats” bit, but if you want to know about that you’ll have to listen.

Check it out here (Friday 14th) : www.davidburns.org.uk