“It’s not fun is it?”

We were lucky enough to sneak into court room on Friday so here’s a bit of goss for you….
James is giving evidence most of the morning. He seems very relaxed. He is asked about the days surrounding when the band (Ki, Owen, Matt & James) split. We learn that Ki was very unhappy at the decision, claiming that James & Matt were never going to get anywhere. Charlie’s name pops up quite a few times but James admits he is an accomplished musician, and they initially liked him because of the stickers on his guitar! McFly are mentioned, with James being asked what connection he has with them, and he also talks a bit about his post-Busted projects.
It is now Matt’s turn to give his evidence. He seems very nervous (but to be honest we feel nervous just being in the court room so it’s perfectly understandable). We learn that Ki claims to have known Matt previously from their school days. Matt is asked a lot of questions about which parts of the song lyrics & melodies he wrote – his version of events seems to be very different to those Ki & Owen have described previously in the case. There is a debate especially when it comes to “Year 3000” and “Sleeping With The Light On” which, according to Matt, Ki & Owen had nothing to do with writing. Matt was also questioned about various Termites songs that include song titles such as, “What I go to school for” and “Who’s The Daddy”. Nice title there.
The band name ‘Busted’ was also discussed, and Matt told the court room that it was Richard Rashman that came up with the name, not Ki.
Before the end of the day Matt is finished, but this case is far from over and we are not sure how long it’s going to take for the judge to decide on a verdict.
When we see Matt outside the court in the lunch break he is very nervous, and apologises for not being very talkative but does describe it all as ‘boring shit‘. The best we could get from James on the matter was “it’s not fun is it?”
Witnesses that may be called into the dock are Charlie Simpson, Richard Rashman and even Fletch. It’s going to be a busy week this week! There’s a while to go yet kids!
So to lighten the mood we thought we’d share some funny moments from the day:
Outside the court there was a photographer chatting up a bunch of girls, showing off about how much he knows about the Busted case. We’re very aware that James is a few steps behind as we‘re leaving the court, and find it hilarious when he walks straight past the photographer and the girls without being seen. I thought the paparazzi were supposed to be on the ball??!!
Also, Ki sleeps with the light on.

To the best of our knowledge and research we are allowed to publish all these details, should anyone know otherwise please let us know.