James Bourne Solo Gig

It was rather busy on the Flecking Forums last night as everyone went into a slight state of excitement. Someone had posted a thread on the boards to let everyone know that James Bourne is doing a gig in the summer, in none other than Burnley. Now for people who don’t know where that is, it’s near Manchester. Up north!
However this hasn’t been confirmed by the squirrel features (before we get hate mail/praise this is a term of endearment between James and a Flecker – he loves it) himself yet, so we can’t “officially” say that this is going ahead. We hope it is though. Oh how we can’t wait to see James on a stool, singing his heart out with his precious guitar. Or maybe he’ll get a backing band and put on a big show? Who knows!
We have spotted a mention of the gig else where online however, so it is looking like it’s true.
Go on google and type in ‘James Bourne Burnley’ see what you get.
Watch this space…