Kick off at the final

The whistle was not the only thing going off as McFly took to the pitch for the final of Soccer Six yesterday! Tempers got a little frayed even before the ball was kicked. As we Fleckers stood on the sidelines waiting for the whistle to blow we heard Danny ask Harry “Our cheering squad, where is he?”.
Before we could look puzzled Danny was over at the dug out followed by not one, not two but four officials before finally returning to the pitch saying they won’t let them on. So off went Harry to the mass huddle of yellow coats as Danny finally took his place on the Pitch.

In the meantime we got talking to two of Reading FC’s finest officials “It’s all going off over there!”.
Minutes later Harry returned to the pitch alone. The whistle blew and the game began.

Poor Danny’s family weren’t even allowed on the pitch!

The final score? The Sun 4, McFly 0!

With Tom away on holiday and Dougie not being allowed on the pitch we think Harry and Danny did the McFly team name proud!

We can’t help but wonder if the result may have been different if the “cheering squad” had been allowed pitch side. Guess now we’ll never know.

We’ll have more photos + gossip in the magazine out next month.