1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9??

It seems Big Brother had a little game plan up it’s own sleeve a few days ago. They installed the Nominations Pod where Rex, Mohamed, Stuart and Michael all discussed who they would nominate. Controversial.
This then spurred on the Hell housemates who all wondered who the Heavenly housemates were choosing. However, by talking about this, they started to discuss nominations. And we all know what happens when you discuss nominations.
On tonight’s show, you will find out that Dale and Luke were nominated on Tuesday by their fellow housemates.
Now, Darnell, Rex, Mohamed, Kathreya, Maysoon, Rachel and Stuart also face the public vote for punishment for breaking the rules of Big Brother. This has surely got to be the biggest bunch of nominations ever? Poor Stuart also lost his title as Head of House. It’s ok love, we’ll make you feel better!
Big Brother have also caused further controversy by showing the Heavenly housemates the audition tapes of the Hell housemates. Rex, Mohamed, Stuart and Michael all sat there eating their pizza in a little sofa room.
They seemed shocked and amazed at Rachel, Maysoon and Dale’s audition tapes as it’s very different to the housemates they know and love/hate now. Watch tonight’s show to see the housemates faces when they find out that nine of them are up for eviction… It’s pure class!