It’s official, Speedo swimming trunks have been named as the biggest fashion faux pas of summer.
Ok so they might look good on this guy (right) but usually there’s no excuse for such tight swimwear that would put even Borat to shame.
Thank you Debenhams!
Here’s their top 10 summer fashion faux pas for men :
1. Speedos.
2. Socks and Sandals.
4.Handkerchief on head
5.Union Jack shorts
6.Bum bags (Maybe this should have been number one?)
7.Men with nipple piercings
8.Football shirts
9.Cycling shorts
If you were wondering what the list of women’s summer fashion faux pas are, here it is:
1.Muffin Tops
2.Fat women with their navel pierced
3.Thongs on the beach
4.Henna tattoos (Why diss our teenage years?)
5.Braided hair
6.Saggy Bikinis
7.Middle aged women in mini skirts
8.Belly Tops
9.Bra-less women
10.Jelly Shoes