Dizzee Rascal vs McFly

It’s been a battle of the artists this week in the run up to the single charts tomorrow. McFly have taken on Dizzee Rascal and Calvin Harris, and Dizzee seems to have a bit of a problem with it. The boys plan to beat them to the top spot in a way that is a little sneaky.

Don’t get us wrong, we love McFly here at Flecking, but it seems that they are out to prove something after leaving record giants, Island.

This week the sales of their records have hit 23,000 in physical sales, as well as 4,000 downloads. How did they do it? Well they thought that by releasing 3 sets of exclusives on 3 different CD’s, that fans would run out and buy them all. They weren’t wrong. The band made sure that all 3 singles counted with The Official UK Charts Company, and then made deals with high street stores and websites. 3 CD’s for £4? Bargain. They were sure to be snapped up.

However Dizzee wasn’t too best pleased about this plan from the McFly boys, and jokingly ranted to The Sun, “Although it’s positive that me and McFly are battling for the No1 spot on our independent labels, their brand of bubblegum teeny rock means nothing to me. At least I didn’t have to come up with a dodgy scheme to con fans into buying three copies of the same song to get to No1. If I don’t beat ’em in the charts then I’ll beat ’em up on the streets!”. Somehow I don’t think being beaten to No 1 by a boy band will go down too well in Dizzee’s old hometown of East London. He needn’t worry though, he is still ahead with 1,000 sales of ‘Dance Wiv Me’.

It seems McFly have already heard what Dizzee has been saying and Tom wrote a MySpace bulletin this morning saying, “Hey guys, Dizzy Rascal says if we are number one he will beat us up – too bad that’s the way he thinks about life, with all the recent violence and knife crime we all need to set the best example we can to fans that look up to us!”. Do you think he called him Dizzy instead of Dizzee to infuriate him more? Either way, the claws are out!

But alas, McFly aren’t all about getting you to buy their records, as the lovely lads are giving away their album for free in tomorrow’s Daily Mail. Make sure you go and get your copy! I’m sure Dizzee Rascal will.