LOST, The Game


Here at Flecking we all love LOST, and we love games too, so what do you get if you combine the two? LOST Via Domus!
Trust me, this game is great although I have no idea what the name means… Hmmm… I’ll Google it later.

Now I’m not gonna lie, I have not finished this game, I’m on Chapter 2. I went into a dark cave, was attacked by bats and fell down a big hole. I haven’t played since, but I will…

You are photographer, a previously undiscovered passenger of Flight 816 and the game begins with you on the plane as it crashes. You wake up in the jungle away from the others, much like Jack.

The game contains key plots from the show, such as when Jack, Kate and Charlie first meet the Smoke Monster and in the game you have an affair with a reporter who keeps appearing like a ghost on the island. Your character doesn’t even know his own name, as a result of the crash you lost your memory and, true to the show, you have frequent flashbacks of your past.

The flashbacks are like mini games, in which with your camera you have to take pictures at the right time to unlock a key memory, taking photos of other things for example a magazine or photo can unlock secrets.One day I’ll get round to finishing it…

You can find the link to buy it from GAME.co.uk here.