The Morning After Look

We have read literally the best fashion news ever. Thank you Sunday Times.

“The ‘walk of shame’ becomes chic!”

We do love to party here at Flecking and quite frankly if we’re home before daylight we’ve had a crap time.

We started reading:

“We’ve all got one: a slaggy story about the morning after, when Lady Luck changed her mind. A universal tale of bum-clenching humiliation, knowing looks, public transport and the inappropriate click-click of spike heels at 7am on a work day.”

Ok, now were listening. That’s us that is.

“The “morning after” look has morphed from ignominy to desirability — the walk of shame has become chic. Pick up any tabloid and there they all are, the cream of London’s youth, working the look. Peaches and Pixie, Agyness Deyn and Alexa Chung, all caught in daylight dressed in night-before clothes — metallics, men’s cardigans, smudgy make-up, unbrushed hair and a squirt of eau de sex.”

We’ve stayed too long at enough after parties, slept on enough tour buses and found ourselves wandering the streets in the small hours often enough to relate. The nightclub-esque clothing, the ingratiate shoes, the full face of slightly faded, slightly sweated off, slightly smeared all over your face makeup, large coffee in hand dragging your way through the train station like a bear with a sore head. This is one look we’ve all managed to pull off more often than we should, and now it’s in fashion. We couldn’t be happier, not even if Danny Dyer joined the Fire Brigade.

We never thought we’d get tired of grooming, but if they trampy look is in we’re happy to relax a little. Maybe.

Read the full article here.