Pete Doherty… in Yeovil?

Isn’t it annoying when you find out some big news the day after it happened? Especially when you work for the local newspaper.

The news was Pete Doherty appearing at Yeovil Magistrates Court in Somerset yesterday. He’s pleaded guilty to causing criminal damage after smashing a photographer’s camera. The photographer, Catherine Mead, pursued Doherty and his girlfriend around the town of Crewkerne in Somerset last August. According to she was :

“Repeatedly taking photographs of them without asking permission.”
Since when did paparazzi have to ask permission to take photos?]

Doherty now has to pay £918.27 in compensation to Mead, as well as £100 in costs. Oh dear, that’s £1,018.27 less to spend on drugs…

We know there’s always a media scrum surrounding the troubled singer, we were a part of it at Soccer Six earlier on this year. But we managed to take a reasonable photo without getting our camera smashed!!