Romance is dead as Bex gets evicted

We all knew it was true, but we just needed them to say it to each other. On Thursday night Bex and Luke finally admitted their feelings towards each other after Bex kissed Mohammed as a dare. However, Luke and Bex’s little romance didn’t last long, as she was evicted on last nights show.
It was just getting interesting! Why, the general public, would you take away Bex?
Since she has been evicted from the house, Darnell has been over the moon. He’s not particularly been a big fan of Bex since the day she rejected him. Bitter much dear?
However, whilst Darnell has been glistening in the glory of not being evicted, Dale and Luke sat in silence.
Understandably Luke was very upset, but even Dale was missing Bex this morning. Housemates didn’t have time to be gloating or to be upset as Big Brother had a very hot task in mind. The position for the new Head of House is up for grabs and to be in with a chance, housemates have to eat chilli’s to gain points.
The chilli’s in question were set in order of strength with points. Tune in to tomorrow night’s show to find out what happened!