Zach Hangs Up His Scrubs

Zach Braff who stars as J.D, the main character and protagonist of hospital comedy ‘Scrubs’ won’t be returning for an 9th season.

Braff has had enough of the hit TV show in which he stars alongside Donald Faison and Sarah Chalke and has left to continue his movie career. Staring in successful films such as ‘The Ex’ and ‘The Last Kiss’, Zach has shown what a versatile actor he really is.

As Zach’s character J.D narrates the series it will be hard for the show to continue, when asked about it’s future producer Bill Lawrence said “You can’t kill this show.”

Rumour has it Scrubs will be back, now without Zach Braff and Ken Jenkins, who plays retired Chief of Medicine Dr. Kelso, ‘Friends’ star Courtney Cox is said be guest starring as temporary Chief of Medicine for three episodes.

Scrubs Season 8 will see three new interns, which suggests the show is basically starting again. Makers of the show said they wanted younger people on the show, but it’s hard to imagine the show without Braff.

A series without JD? I can safely say that I won’t be tuning in to see how they explain his sudden disappearance.

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