Apartment Life Review (Part 3) – Teeth, Helicopters, Butlers, Skipping and a little bit of Magic

Welcome to the final part of the review!

Yes, so by now, you probably all know that Apartment Life is amazing, but we thought we show you just a little bit more…

No, you’re not crazy, that Sim really is brushing his teeth, God, this Expansion Pack really does add everything dosen’t it?

OK, so new playround stuff, what else is for kids?
Skipping Sim-Style! What’s great is there are actual levels, and as you advance from easy to hard it gets harder for your Sim, so don’t be suprised if your Sim trips a couple of times…

An evil witch, we forgot to show you this in Part 2 of the AL Review, but she dosen’t really look that evil, I saw her worrying when two dogs got in a fight, I don’t think she’s evil at all, just misunderstood…
Another little thing you may want to know is if a mere mortal attempts to read your spell book…
Well, I’ll leave you to find that one out for your self.

Helicopters! At last! Just look at it, amazing!

And finally, too rich for a Maid? Get a Butler! He looks rather smart dosen’t he?
I forgot his name, for now, I’ll call him Jeeves!

If you’ve enjoyed this review then you’ll enjoy the game very much, remember, it’s out now and only £19.99!